When an Idea
Becomes a Side Hustle

We would expect a young, accomplished candidate attorney to have it all together (at least by the standards imposed on her by society). Andronica Mapogoshe is educated, brilliant, charming and genuine. Her account of what life is like, beyond the carefully selected images for social media, demonstrates the ability of the Side Hustle Hive programme and what sets it apart from other programmes out there.

A Side Hustle Hive experience
in the words of Andronica Mapogoshe?

To describe Side Hustle Hive as life-changing is a complete understatement. We are fed the narrative that if you go and study, you will thrive in life and that you will be more than fine, especially financially. I woke up, and I was not fine.

I studied Law, which took up all of my time. I wasn’t equipped to do anything else, and the real world can be overwhelming. The narrative you are fed doesn’t prepare you for real life, as it is today. As an intern, I could barely afford my car, let alone anything else or the lifestyle we are continually sold. Financially, I was stuck.

I was restless and knew something had to change. Side Hustle Hive popped up on my Facebook timeline and the name itself resonated with me.

Before I started the course, I thought I needed course after course after course, but this is certainly not the case. It’s designed to work because you are putting into practice what you’re learning and actively implementing the required steps to allow an additional revenue stream to take root and work for you.

We are led to believe we need a logo in place, or complex business- or marketing plans. While these things we will need at some point, Side Hustle Hive gets you to the most critical point: it gets you to start, to launch before you are ready.

At the same time, if you are not willing to do the work, this course is not for you. The course is designed to work because you have to work to get something out. The commitment is both to you and from you. The value you get from the course is far greater than tips for the entrepreneur or steps to success.

One of the most valuable by-products of the course I attained was the confidence to start my side hustle.

Zamile shares her failures and experiences, which demonstrates real life. It’s not selling you a pipe dream, there is the reality of failure or delays, picking yourself up and continuing, or identifying whether you need to adapt and change; and that there is no shame in that. The ability to adapt is paramount to the success of any side hustler.

Side Hustle Hive gave me the practical insights and the know-how to execute on ideas, and the confidence to pull it off. I received the validation that I am in fact, an excellent lawyer and that there is a need for what I have to offer – which are affordable and understandable contracts for artists.

I learnt the value of the right human capital and the power of the right network. You cannot start a business without it.

Side Hustle Hive has carved a niche, in which they help you establish a network because they have the birds-eye-view to join the dots and create mutually beneficial connections. You cannot buy the value of word of mouth, which you get from your network of clients who have experienced what you have to offer.

Side Hustle Hive identifies the specific type of network and facilitates the introduction to these relationships. It is a network created with intention: the intention of introducing your side hustle to prospective clients.

This programme has the institutionalised knowledge to identify the right network, create the connections, and teaches you to create your own network and opportunities.

I launched my side hustle after 21-days by having a paying client. I realised what I was missing was the actual how-to, the guidance and network that Side Hustle Hive provided me.

Hustling is not just about knowing; it’s about doing.

Side Hustle Hive is designed with you in mind. You may be working, completing a degree or have a family (or have all this and more to juggle) and it all fits into your schedule.

When you do the work required and apply yourself, as you should while doing the course, you will without a doubt succeed in getting your side hustle off the ground.

We will find every excuse to procrastinate, but this course doesn’t allow you to do that, and that is the key to success.