About Us

Over 12 Years  

What’s with the Bee Hive obsession? We help other businesses grow well – just like bees hep all plants grow by pollination. Our offices are designed just like a beehive too – Queen Bee, Workers and Drones. We are efficient and each specialist department knows exactly how to get the job done well! We might be cheesy in our obsession with bees here, but our buzzing structure has proven itself in the Events, PR and Marketing industries!

Zamile Mzizi-Khuzwayo has been in the Events and PR industries for over 12 years and just like any healthy beehive, her business has grown to provide several specialists services over the years, all under one buzzing roof. Zam’s Hive has naturally developed over the years based on the demands of our loyal clients to provide curated Events Management, Public Relations and Marketing  services to suit all our SME and Large Product and Services Providers

We are enthusiastic about our country and this is evident in our fresh ideas that the youth we employ bring to the honey (still cheesy). As a BEE level 1, 100% women-owned beehive, we are best able to meet all your corporate needs in every way.

Just a Perfect Place to Get Started!