Turn Your Idea into a
Workable Side Hustle

Earn an additional income by turning your idea into a workable, time-efficient side hustle. Unsure where to start or whether your idea will turn into cash? That is where we come in! We have designed a course that is budget- and time conscious, practical and that will get you going (immediately) with your side hustle.

Why choose
Side Hustle Hive?

  • Step-by-step guidance on how to get your side hustle up and running. Cut out the noise, and simply do the work.
  • We teach you how to innovate. Acquire the skill – it’s not nearly as intimidating as you may think.
  • If you commit to doing the work, you will have your side hustle up and running with at least one paying client by the time you have completed the course.
  • We will be building your network with a group of people committed to seeing you succeed, in the interim, through teaching you how to do it yourself.

We Get You

Side Hustle Hive understands that you need something that fits in with your lifestyle of work, family and/or other commitments. It can be completed in your spare time with the flexibility to prioritise your time as you see fit. Requiring only an hour or two per week, this is a true-to-life course that walks you through every step of the journey, but more importantly, moves you into action to get your side hustle up and running by the time you have finished the course.

What’s in it
For You?

  • Online course.
  • Coaching and consulting.
  • Free membership to the Pushers Hive network.

Sign up for Side Hustle Hive, and take your idea from thought bubble to a paying side hustle.

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